Thought I’d share current work in progress that seem to be getting a good response via Instagram.

A work in progress painting of a man's face
Current work in progress #1

I typically work on 4-5 paintings simultaneously in the studio which can help me to not over-work an unfinished painting. Working on multiple at any one time means that I can step away from one when I’m at the ‘make it or break it’ stage of a painting, and work on another that I had challenges with the day before. This means that I don’t obsess over perfecting one as forcing a painting’s completion can often result in its’ downfall.

Work in progress pastel head study
Work in progress #2

It can also help if the pieces I’m working on at any one time vary in style/medium. This gives a fresh perspective when going back to the other works!

Any enquiries send to You can also check out my shop section for a selection of available pieces.

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