Hand painted t shirts

Greenthorne's iconic butterfly logoBack in 2011, I started clothing brand Greenthorne alongside fellow art school graduate Liam Gorman. We did ok and stocked a few stores around London. My art started selling in drips and drabs around the same time and I was more keen to paint than run a production line, so that slowly came to a halt with prospective plans to bring it back to life one day in a different form of hand painted t shirts.

We’re nearing that day.

I love the brand and, with a load of premium blank tees in a case at home, I recently decided to take some up to the studio to see how hand painted t shirts would work out.

Treating it as a canvas, the result was an ultra unique & original hand painted t shirt. The raw tee is Greenthorne labeled, 100% organic cotton, Fairtrade certified, and manufactured here in the UK. We were all about quality back then and now, with the original artwork twist, I’m excited to see where this is heading…

4 examples of t shirts by Greenthorne

Greenthorne t shirt hanging up on white brick wall

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