Art about branding

Us artists have been doing it for years. Art about branding.

Warhol was renowned for his stylization of imagery derived from brands – reflecting the popular culture of the time. He re-stylized readymade images (often with repetition) to transform them into works of his own.

I personally believe that it’s our job to analyse, evaluate, and eventually contextualise (often visually) our surroundings, and contemporary society as a whole – as it stands today. Be that Warhol in his day, Basquiat in his, or whoever in ours.

Photo of exhibition on art about branding

Nowadays, borrowing images to create new ones can be slightly more controversial. Thanks to consumerism, artists have to get more sophisticated with how they borrow imagery today when creating art about branding.

Let’s talk briefly about my recently completed painting – ‘IN A WHILE CROCODILE’.

Lacoste crocodile logo eating consumer - art about branding
IN A WHILE CROCODILE, Mixedmedia on canvas, 127 x 122cm, 2018

Depicting a fashion conscious young woman, this piece examines a consumerist modern society. Rather than dressing her in Lacoste, I wanted her to almost be eaten by the crocodile logo. Beneath the visible layer, there are several preceding layers that had her dressed in the brand however it just felt too obvious. Contrived almost.

Notes from my sketchbook contextualising the subject of my painting: “She works every hour under the sun in a job she despises and does not receive the pay she deserves for working or get the deserved benefits for working. Yet, even with all the hard work she puts in to earn money, she spends most of it on things she does not need.”

I find this fascinating and know that this chain of thought is often what inspires other artists to also create art about branding.

By the way, I’m also guilty of splashing the cash on things I don’t need every so often. My work is about the ‘everyday person’. Which includes myself.

Going forward

Going forward, I’m going to start writing about my individual paintings to help you to understand my work as a whole. Each piece can vary dramatically upon completion – however the process is always the same. If you look closely, you’ll notice underlying themes that run through my entire body of work, repetition of meaningful phrases and words, and other layered characteristics that, when dissected, will help you to understand my work and what it’s all about.

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