Upside down Royal

Upside down Royal written in pink

Why ןɐʎoᴚ?

Most of my work is unplanned. I find it exciting to see what happens purely from the moment. More and more, the term ‘Royal’ (written upside down) started to appear in my work. It took me a long time to figure out why it kept popping up. I began to think it must’ve stemmed from notions of hierarchy, but I couldn’t pin down the exact reason as it seemed to happen organically. My hand would write it before I thought it. I knew there must be some significance to it.

T shirt with upside down Royal written in pink

I recently spent a lot of time writing about my personal journey as an artist and now believe that ‘Royal’ came as a nod to a turning point in my life; the time I began living authentically. And upside down Royal is simply because I think it makes you want to read it more.

Long story short, once I’d committed my life to my art, I took a part-time job as a postman for Royal Mail – and I owe it a lot of thanks. This provided the means for me to rent a live-in art studio and be able to focus more of my time than ever on painting. Which is all I’d ever wanted to do.

A year after first accepting the job, I was able to go full-time with art and I’m forever grateful.

A permanent fixture, I now consciously include Royal in my work, and write it on walls wherever I go. I consider it part of my identity.

Upside down Royal written in red


Upside down Royal written along the bottom of a canvas Upside down Royal written beneath layers of a painting