Contemporary Pet Portraits

Up to now I have generally turned down commissions on the grounds that I, the artist, would lose an element of creativity. I’m pleased to announce an on-going side project that sees me opening up to commissions for the first time… Contemporary pet portraits.

My dog/assistant Dizzee relentlessly pesters me in the studio – all day everyday. Impossible to ignore her, I recently gave in and turned to her as my muse. Following the same approach that makes my feature work unique and recognisable, my intention was to create a portrait that expressed her true character. The outcome was an abstract rendition, full of energy, that truly reflects Dizzee and, the most important part; her personality.

Abstract and contemporary pet portraits

It was a lot of fun to create and as I had to say goodbye to it the next day following its’ sale, the idea was sparked for contemporary pet portraits – A highly unique and personal portrait of your pet from a represented, internationally exhibiting artist.

Abstract, characterful interpretation of your beloved pup. One of a kind original you can’t get anywhere else. A personal touch. I get to know your pet as fully as possible and capture their true character.

Amongst a cluttered market of realistic renditions, I wanted to offer something original and fresh – incorporating true character that can’t be achieved from a direct copy of a photograph.

If you’re interested to commission an abstract, characterful interpretation of your beloved pup; contact me to get the conversation started. I am able to offer competitive rates on contemporary pet portraits. A one of a kind original you can’t get anywhere else.

Framed contemporary pet portraits
Framed in a contemporary white box frame