Art about English phrases

As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in English phrases and how a sentence such as ‘teaching your granny to suck eggs’ can just casually be dropped into a conversation without anyone even cracking a smirk. They rarely make an ounce of sense literally and I always wonder how they initially came about. I often jot them down in my sketchbook when I’m reminded of one of these seemingly nonsensical phrases and, as I regularly refer to my notes in the studio, I sometimes end up creating art about English phrases…

Here are a few examples of my art about English phrases:

Art about English phrases portrait with pink background
James Green / ןɐʎoᴚ, ‘JACK (OF ALL TRADES)’, 47 x 67cm, Mixedmedia on canvas, 2019




Portrait of knock off Nigel in Art about English phrases
James Green / ןɐʎoᴚ, ‘KNOCK OFF NIGEL’, 100 x 70cm, Mixedmedia on heavy oil paper
Art about English phrases - in a while crocodile
James Green / ןɐʎoᴚ, ‘IN A WHILE CROCODILE’, 127 x 122cm, Mixedmedia on canvas, 2019
Painting of a cat biting a crocodiles tongue in art about English phrases
James Green / ןɐʎoᴚ, ‘CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE’, 76 x 102cm, Mixedmedia on canvas, 2019
Art about English phrases painting of a crocodile being captured
James Green / ןɐʎoᴚ, ‘CROCODILE TEARS’, 162 x 150cm, Mixedmedia on canvas, 2018
Art about English phrases man eating chips
James Green / ןɐʎoᴚ, ‘WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN‘, 150 x 150cm, Mixedmedia on canvas, 2018