Autobiographical art

Creating autobiographical art, I allow these things to happen. Nothing forced, nothing forged. It’s the only way for me. Relying on the moment itself means these things feeling alive. And that doesn’t die out over time. Permanently captured through the mark-making. Contextually, they mean more than anything I could sit and contextualise prior to painting. I guess it’s expressionism in its’ rawest form.

An autobiographical art painting including a horse

I often begin by sitting in an almost meditative state with a blank canvas in front of me. When I feel as though my mind is free from preconceived ideas and pre-considered thoughts, I go for it. It can be at once pure energy and utter chaos. It could be an hour. Or five. As time passes, the canvas becomes more organised whilst the room becomes the opposite. Once I feel that I’m beginning to force any marks, I stop and step back to consider what I’ve captured. Time and time again, I can instantly link themes explored within the canvas to recent happenings in my life. I’m not sure why but sometimes that surprises me. These things couldn’t be more me. They almost feel autobiographical.

Painting of a man with a crocodile behind him as autobiographical art

With autobiographical art, I guess they’re also self portraits even if I’m not the subject. Every now and then I fail to keep my mind in the moment for the entirety of the painting process, and so these are generally painted over. I’m only really happy when they feel authentically me. I need to connect to them to be able to want to sign them.

The paintings in this post were created together. It’s a shame they’ll probably be split up. They’ll always be connected.

Colourful painting about autobiographical art

Bright painting of Colourful painting of people sat in a work vehicle - autobiographical art

Interested in my work?

To enquire into availability of these works, get in touch to get the conversation started. A selection of these works will also be on show at Talented Art Fair 1st-3rd March ’19.