Mixedmedia painting of a man wrestling a crocodile

Crocodile tears


‘Crocodile tears’
Mixedmedia painting on unstretched canvas
150 x 162cm
Signed original



As a member of society, you are involved by and large in a very strange business system which divides your day into work and play. Work is something that everybody does and you get paid to do it because nobody could care less about doing it.

In other words, it is so abominable and boring that you can get paid for doing it. And the object of doing this is to make money. And the object of making money, is to go home and enjoy the money that you’ve made. When you’ve got it, you see, you can buy pleasure.

Biologically, there is no such thing as a set requirement to do a set amount of work. We’re programmed to strive for things and to struggle for survival, which itself is one definition of work, but overall, the concept of sacrificing time for money is a cultural construct.

All shits and giggles really.