Abstract painting of a woman being eaten by the Lacoste crocodile logo



Mixedmedia painting on canvas
127 x 122cm
Signed original



Depicting a fashion conscious woman, this piece examines a consumerist modern society. Rather than dressing her in Lacoste, I wanted her to almost be eaten by the crocodile logo.

She works every hour under the sun in a job she despises and does not receive the pay she deserves for working or get the deserved benefits for working. Yet, even with all the hard work she puts in to earn money, she spends most of it on things she does not need.

Selling your time on something you don’t care about is like selling your soul. I’ve been there. You can have the most impressive CV in the world, but it means nothing. I was a senior salesman, and a young one at that, chasing the very thing that I use my work as an artist to explore: money. Money has never had any value to me. It seems arbitrary. Confusing. A figure on a screen that puts one man in the gutter and another in a penthouse.

It’s not that I’m overly idealistic. I know that we need money. But we don’t need as much as we think!