Expressive painting of a woman

The girl




A portrait of the ‘everyday person’ created entirely from memory.

We privileged seem to seek for more; no matter how much we have. A nice example came via a chance encounter with a Balinese taxi driver on my way to the airport to start my journey back home last week.

“My life is very simple. I don’t have much money and I don’t want much. My son is all I need. I am very happy.”

I am fascinated by the people I meet when visiting a new place (which I’m very lucky to be able to do every now and then). Simple cultures (such as that in Bali) seem to have it so right. Overcomplicated cultures (such as ours) seem to have it so wrong. Our culture prioritizes ownership; simple cultures prioritize important things. This is my point of view anyway.

This reminded me of why the majority of my paintings focus on the ‘everyday person’. People can be so different. The less-privileged tend to interest me profoundly more – even within our society. I guess it’s because they surprise me more.